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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#282 Linkbacks don't work on DAISY 3 books defect reopened 11/18/11
#286 View properties stop working after 30+ tries defect reopened 02/28/12

Future ideas Release (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#188 synchronize volumes defect new 12/02/08
#217 Phrase navigation defect marisa-demeglio new 02/24/09
#220 Gap between phrases defect marisa-demeglio assigned 03/02/09
#259 text searching in other languages defect new 07/13/09
#270 Multivolume error case: user inserts wrong volume defect new 12/17/09
#271 Text searching across multiple files defect new 12/17/09
#272 Multivolume 2005 support defect new 12/17/09
#273 Speed improvement idea for sidebar defect new 12/17/09
#274 Can't open books in folders named with specific Chinese character defect new 01/28/10
#277 Multiple text content files not supported in DAISY 3 defect marisa-demeglio new 10/12/10
#16 AMIS indexing needs a faster algorithm enhancement marisa-demeglio assigned 03/27/08
#18 Remember settings enhancement marisa-demeglio new 03/27/08
#26 intelligent TTS selection enhancement daniel-weck assigned 03/27/08
#146 Support DAISY resource files enhancement new 10/21/08
#147 support drag and drop enhancement new 10/21/08
#148 text styles enhancement new 10/21/08
#172 progress bar showing how much is left for the chapter to finish enhancement new 11/08/08
#218 progress bar during book loading enhancement new 02/24/09
#241 suggestion for keyboard shortcuts enhancement new 04/11/09
#242 Support switching between TTS and audio while reading enhancement new 04/16/09
#244 math ML support enhancement new 04/21/09
#250 ANSI/NISO z39.86-2002 support enhancement new 05/07/09
#252 AMIS runs from a USB flash drive enhancement new 05/14/09
#254 Explicit list of system requirements enhancement marisa-demeglio assigned 05/14/09
#257 support for SMIL links enhancement new 07/07/09
#275 support silent uninstall enhancement marisa-demeglio new 05/04/10
#276 include java runtime with amis installer enhancement marisa-demeglio new 06/30/10
#284 text search enhancement new 11/28/11
#51 Custom events in SMIL task marisa-demeglio assigned 04/13/08
#269 Update documentation task marisa-demeglio assigned 12/15/09
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