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daniel-weck (1 match)

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#26 intelligent TTS selection Future ideas enhancement 03/27/08

select TTS based on language of book/UI. or take an educated guess.

marisa-demeglio (5 matches)

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#220 Gap between phrases Future ideas defect 03/02/09

When I play this document with AMIS RC1, I can hear small bit of silence as short change over time between two phrases. On slower machines this gap increases and first word of new phrase gets slightly cut.

(document was sent to Marisa)

#16 AMIS indexing needs a faster algorithm Future ideas enhancement 03/27/08

The current algorithm scans the entire fileset to build a table of linkback IDs. This is very slow for large books. We should cache data instead.

#254 Explicit list of system requirements Future ideas enhancement 05/14/09

One user suggests that the documentation should list even the system requirements that are handled by the installer. For example, the VS 2005 C++ runtime libraries should be listed.

I would not agree except that the installation process stalled out for him while trying to install this additional component. He reported that a standalone download of the component ran just fine. He also pointed out that if the requirement for this component was documented, then he would have installed it first before running the AMIS installer.

We can consider his suggestion for the next revision of the documentation.

More importantly: it is unclear and not reproducible why the installer stalled out for him. So far, this is the only report of its kind.

#51 Custom events in SMIL Future ideas task 04/13/08

See what Ambulant would do with something like this: <seq id="math0002" class="mathExt" end="DTBuserEscape">

Also check ProducerPause?.

#269 Update documentation Future ideas task 12/15/09

Update the build process for AMIS and the installer

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