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Create an installer for AMIS

What you need


  1. From the source code of AMIS, open /amis/trunk/amis/installer/main/setup-amis3.nsi
  2. Edit these lines so they are specific to your machine:
;this is the path to your windows system 32 directory
!define WIN32_DIR "c:\windows\system32"

;this is the path to your Application Data directory
!define LOCAL_APP_DATA "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data"
  1. Run make-amis-installer.bat and include the name of the language pack, both by language ID and language name, and the filename for the HTML user guide. Like this:
make-amis-installer.bat eng-US "U.S. English" amishelp.html
  1. If there were no errors, you should have an exe file ready for distribution in the same directory as the scripts.