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  • defined externally in settings\defaultToolbar.xml and settings\basicToolbar.xml
  • try making one, following the existing format
  • icons go in the img directory


  • font size is defined using css files in settings\css\font\*.css
  • You can put any number of files in here. They will be applied in alphabetical order, so put the smallest increase in font size first in the list of files, and the largest increase last.

Page styles

  • page styles are defined using css files in settings\css\customStyles\*.css
  • You can put anything in here and it will show up in the Page Styles submenu.
  • Each will be applied in turn when the user presses the Page Style button.
  • User-defined default styles should be added to settings\css\amis.css .

Playing SMIL

Since AMIS embeds the Ambulant SMIL player, it can play full SMIL. This could include video, captions, images, layout regions, etc. However, the SMIL has to be wrapped in a DAISY file structure. This feature is not really documented at the moment and is intended for experimentation. Make sure your DAISY fileset uses a supported version of DAISY and is a valid book (with the exception of the SMIL). If you just want a SMIL player, then check out Ambulant.