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Use the items in the sidebar to browse the structure of a book.

  • Hierarchical view of sections
  • List of pages
  • Lists for each special type of item in the book


  • Add bookmark (named automatically based on what you are bookmarking)
  • Go to bookmark
  • Bookmarks for a particular book automatically load when you open that book

Open a book

  • Open a recently-read book
  • Automatically open your last-read book on startup
  • Open a book from the command line
  • Open the contents of a CD-ROM containing a single book or containing multiple books
  • Open a book from your local file system
  • Open a book from a remote URL
  • Quickly re-open large books due to AMIS' data caching feature

Control playback

  • Speed-up audio playback
  • Play and pause the book

Find out more

  • See publication summary information for the book
  • Find out basic information about AMIS
  • Get help in DAISY format
  • Get a list of keyboard shortcuts in DAISY format

User interface features

  • Use basic or default view mode
  • Show/hide the navigation sidebar
  • Move the navigation sidebar around the screen
  • Change the style of the page
  • Make the font bigger
  • Adjust highlight colors and change the sidebar font through the Text Style dialog