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#753 Some rare mp3 formats fail to import defect avneesh-singh new 11/27/13
#801 Use transaction command for recording defect avneesh-singh new 04/10/14
#998 Improvements required in metadata view enhancement avneesh-singh new 08/22/17
#909 Refactor preview playlist to to preview upto at zero position task avneesh-singh new 12/05/15
#377 Make error messages more user friendly defect avneesh-singh new 03/27/09
#622 Merge multiple sections is disabled when a phrase is selected defect avneesh-singh new 06/02/12
#625 Merge a silence and side bar, it becomes sidebar or silence, whichever is last. defect avneesh-singh new 06/02/12
#630 Clear role is disabled for Anchor =? initially. defect avneesh-singh new 06/04/12
#736 When a part of waveform is selected, play on navigate does not stop at the right hand boundary of the selection. defect avneesh-singh new 10/03/13
#749 Export or Replace Audio in Context menu is disabled for the selection inside a phrase. defect avneesh-singh new 10/19/13
#861 Import EPUB 3 creates improper structure of the project, if the EPUB 3 books do not have IDs in headings and pages defect avneesh-singh new 03/10/15
#1029 Importing audio files from a subdirectory placed inside the project directory result in moving files instead of copying defect avneesh-singh new 08/27/18
#90 TODO should apply to sections as well as phrases. enhancement julien-quint new 08/22/08
#387 Language switch should not require application restart enhancement avneesh-singh new 06/19/09
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