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Arithmetic overflow exception

Reported by: rachana-singh Owned by: avneesh-singh
Priority: major Milestone: Obi 2.0 Beta
Component: Application Version: 2.0
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Description (last modified by chhavi-negi) (diff)

1) open project.select nothing.do fast forward till its playback rate x+8 .now restore from back up you will see. Crash in Vs. Overflow arithmetic exception from AudioPlayer?.cs file.

2) Select nothing and start forward. While forward reaches second phrase, press rewind to go to first phrase.
Split while the rewind is on. Focus goes to second phrase.
Press rewind/forward there. While it is in transition state, press pause.
It pauses. But timer display shows the time of phrase before split.
Play this phrase, the following exception message comes. Press Ok and again play phrase, assertion window comes up which is below this exception message.

graphic 798 Playback could not be started. Press OK to continue....

System.OverflowException?: Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

at Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound?.Buffer.Write(Int32 bufferStartingLocation,

Stream data, Int32 numbberBytesToWrite, LockFlag? flag)

at AudioLib?.AudioPlayer?.startPlayback(Int64 startPosition, Int64 endPosition) in

C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\urakawa-sdk\trunk\csharp\audio\AudioLib?\Audi oPlayer.cs:line 667

at AudioLib?.AudioPlayer?.Resume() in

C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\urakawa-sdk\trunk\csharp\audio\AudioLib?\Audi oPlayer.cs:line 492

at Obi.Playlist.Resume() in

C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\Playlist.cs:line 756

at Obi.ProjectView?.TransportBar?.PlayOrResume_Safe() in

C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\ProjectView?\TransportBar?.cs:l ine 1092

at Obi.ProjectView?.TransportBar?.PlayOrResume?() in

C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\ProjectView?\TransportBar?.cs:l ine 1066 OK

Assertion Failed: Abort=Quit, Retry=Debug, Ignore=Continue graphic 942 Only resume from paused state.

at Playlist.Resume() C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\Playlist.cs(754) at TransportBar?.PlayOrResume_Safe() C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\ProjectView?\TransportBar?.cs(1092) at TransportBar?.PlayOrResume?() C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\ProjectView?\TransportBar?.cs(1066) at TransportBar?.mPlayButton_Click(Object sender, EventArgs? e)


at Control.OnClick?(EventArgs? e) at Button.OnClick?(EventArgs? e) at Button.OnMouseUp?(MouseEventArgs? mevent) at Control.WmMouseUp?(Message& m, MouseButtons? button, Int32 clicks) at Control.WndProc?(Message& m) at ButtonBase?.WndProc?(Message& m) at Button.WndProc?(Message& m) at ControlNativeWindow?.OnMessage?(Message& m) at ControlNativeWindow?.WndProc?(Message& m) at NativeWindow?.DebuggableCallback?(IntPtr? hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr? wparam, IntPtr? lparam) at UnsafeNativeMethods?.DispatchMessageW(MSG& msg) at ComponentManager?.System.Windows.Forms.UnsafeNativeMethods?.IMsoComponentManager.FPushMessageLoop(Int32

dwComponentID, Int32 reason, Int32 pvLoopData)

at ThreadContext?.RunMessageLoopInner?(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext? context) at ThreadContext?.RunMessageLoop?(Int32 reason, ApplicationContext? context) at Application.Run(Form mainForm) at Program.Main(String[] args) C:\Users\chhavi\Desktop\daisy\Obi\trunk\Obi\Obi\Program.cs(29) at AppDomain?._nExecuteAssembly(Assembly assembly, String[] args) at AppDomain?.ExecuteAssembly?(String assemblyFile, Evidence assemblySecurity, String[] args) at HostProc?.RunUsersAssembly?() at ThreadHelper?.ThreadStart_Context(Object state) at ExecutionContext?.Run(ExecutionContext? executionContext, ContextCallback? callback, Object state) at ThreadHelper?.ThreadStart?()

Abort Retry Ignore

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