15:50 Ticket #5 (selection between blocks) closed by julien-quint
wontfix: This will be fixed when the design of strips is improved, so it won't be …
15:47 Ticket #9 (Time Counter elapsed and elapsed (total)) closed by julien-quint
worksforme: I cannot reproduce this problem. "Elapsed" (resp. "remaining") means the …
13:31 2008/06/03/08.30 created by julien-quint
13:26 Changeset [1714] by julien-quint
Changed test.txt to readme.txt.
13:25 Changeset [1713] by julien-quint
Changing test.txt to a readme.
07:02 Ticket #17 (Crash on starting recording while focus is in TOC view) created by avneesh-singh
Steps: 1. Open / create a project with some sections. 2. focus on a …
06:57 Ticket #16 (show metadata view menu item do not hide metadataview) created by avneesh-singh
show / hide metadata view check menu item in view drop down menu do not …
06:24 Ticket #15 (on the fly custom class assign stops recording) created by avneesh-singh
Steps: 1. start recording. 2. use F9. result: recording is stopped. …
06:22 Ticket #14 (Audio selection shortcuts and some keyboard layouts: configurable ...) created by avneesh-singh
Better way to deal with this to have configurable keyboard shortcuts. …
06:19 Ticket #13 (Blocks are too small) created by avneesh-singh
On my Japanese Windows machine, blocks are too small so they don't fit the …
06:16 Ticket #12 (Preview won't stop) created by avneesh-singh
Previewing audio doesn't change the status of the player, or at least not …
06:13 Ticket #11 (Starting recording on empty phrase makes keyboard focus slip) created by avneesh-singh
1. In a section containing audio phrases, move to last audio phrase. 2. …
06:11 Ticket #10 (stop/pause button icons while recording) created by avneesh-singh
The stop/pause button icons do not change their icon to show enabled (to …
06:09 Ticket #9 (Time Counter elapsed and elapsed (total)) created by avneesh-singh
...seems to show the same values (which is elapsed in the current phrase). …
06:06 Ticket #8 (Waveform display triggers crash while working with big filese) created by avneesh-singh
Exception is thrown if a large size audio file is used. It happened with …
05:56 Ticket #7 (GUI of Obi is sluggish) created by avneesh-singh
Whenever some operation like split, merge, copy, paste etc. is performed …
05:41 Ticket #6 (Playback cursor poorly visible to low vision) created by avneesh-singh
The playback curser in waveform control is poorly visible to person with …
05:38 Ticket #5 (selection between blocks) created by avneesh-singh
It is not immediately apparent that the space between blocks can be …
05:35 Ticket #4 (Crash when importing very large sized XHTML file) created by avneesh-singh
1. Open Obi. 2. Start a new project. 3. Select "New project from import" …
05:22 Ticket #3 (Assigning non default custom class poorly accessible) created by avneesh-singh
Assigning custom class with non default name has poor accessibility for …
05:18 Ticket #2 (Better accessible description of empty project) created by avneesh-singh
When Obi opens on an empty project, the description of the work area is …


17:42 2008/06/02/10.59 edited by julien-quint
17:41 2008/06/02/10.59 created by julien-quint
17:28 Changeset [7] by julien
Creating missing branches directory
14:18 Changeset [6] by julien-quint
Test commit
08:05 Changeset [1712] by avneeshsingh
While playback is on, toggle views (F6) lands to playing phrase in …


15:20 Changeset [1711] by avneeshsingh
Update to Playback in transport bar w.r.t. mouse clicks


18:06 Changeset [1710] by avneeshsingh
Added play heading phrase behaviour to play on navigate
14:06 Changeset [1709] by avneeshsingh
Some updates to playback in transport bar


15:09 Changeset [1708] by avneeshsingh
Play on navigates works but may misbehave right now - needs more …
14:30 Changeset [5] by daniel-weck
Testing once again for email notification
14:24 Changeset [4] by daniel-weck
Testing email notification once again
14:10 Changeset [3] by daniel-weck
just testing email notification and unified-diff format
13:03 Ticket #1 (Overview of trac) closed by avneesh-singh
12:56 Ticket #1 (Overview of trac) created by avneesh-singh
Task of giving guidance about trac
06:32 Changeset [1707] by avneeshsingh
Transition from play all to play selection and vice versa added during …


12:28 Changeset [1706] by avneeshsingh
To_do improvement implemented in transport bar. But slight misbehaviour …


19:45 Changeset [1705] by avneeshsingh
New To_do implementation works from front end. remaining work : make it …
19:09 Changeset [1704] by avneeshsingh
Backend support added for bugg 1964108 To_do mark overwrites node kind
10:23 Changeset [1703] by avneeshsingh
fix to bugg 1930391: Renaming strip followed by undo make loose keyboard …
09:34 Changeset [1702] by julienq
Reviewing recording. Restored selection of recorded phrase.
08:14 Changeset [1701] by avneeshsingh
fix to bugg 1967718: Screenreader speak too much info in section in …


06:36 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh


11:17 Changeset [1700] by julienq
Some cosmetic changes
11:06 Changeset [1699] by avneeshsingh
Menu items updated for toggle TOC views/Content View function. Enabling / …
07:26 Changeset [1698] by avneeshsingh
Trying F6 for toggling focus between TOC view and contents view.
04:34 Release notes created by julien-quint
03:44 Changeset [1697] by julienq
Updated new project dialog to generate a new ID.


19:14 Changeset [1696] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bugg: 1964061 On the fly Page marks do not increase page nos. …
08:24 WikiStart edited by anonymous
03:56 Changeset [1695] by julienq
Added keyboard operations (Shift+Space, Shift+X, Shift+V, and Nudge)


18:37 Changeset [1694] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bugg: accessible label error in phrase count after ph detection - …


22:41 WikiStart edited by anonymous
22:08 Read me! edited by julien-quint
22:07 Read me! created by julien-quint
21:58 WikiStart edited by julien-quint
21:52 Changeset [1693] by julienq
Updated installer for beta version
21:46 Changeset [1692] by julienq
Updated documentation and version numbers.
21:42 Changeset [1691] by julienq
Updated inline documentation
20:51 Changeset [1690] by julienq
Fixed record sub-menu
20:07 Changeset [1689] by julienq
Fix to bug 1930398 While using Edit role, crash is triggered
20:06 Changeset [1688] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bugg: Empty phrases do not gain keyboard focus. Actually keyboard …
19:58 Changeset [1687] by julienq
Fixed bug 1965539 stopping recording after pausing it crash
19:02 Changeset [1686] by julienq
Fix for scroll selection into view bug, and more importantly for bug …
16:44 Changeset [1685] by julienq
Alpha 9 release
11:57 Changeset [1684] by avneeshsingh
improvements to record submenu
11:50 Changeset [1683] by julienq
Finished navigation.
10:30 Changeset [1682] by julienq
Navigate to next selection.
07:34 WikiStart edited by anonymous
05:34 Changeset [1681] by avneeshsingh
Commiting again menu items changes which missed out commit previous time
01:45 Changeset [1680] by julienq
Navigate to next phrase behavior complete; will finish all other five …
00:23 Changeset [1679] by julienq
Play/play all behave correctly.


23:03 Changeset [1678] by julienq
Updated preview (keyboard shortcut + transport menu)
15:50 Changeset [1677] by julienq
Fixed playback from cursor. TODO: playback from last …
15:38 Changeset [1676] by avneeshsingh
some rectification to menu accessible labels
15:09 Changeset [1675] by avneeshsingh
Update to menu items accessible names, it is good not to include …
14:18 Changeset [1674] by julienq
Added accessible names to menu items in the hope that screenreaders will …
12:02 Changeset [1673] by julienq
Working on playback/navigation. Fixed crash on cut/delete during playback.
10:56 Changeset [1672] by julienq
Updated selection behavior on click. Clicking on strips, blocks and strip …
10:18 Changeset [1671] by avneeshsingh
update to insert recording bugg
10:10 Changeset [1670] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bugg: 1963594 Insert recording do not work
08:08 Changeset [1669] by avneeshsingh
fix to bugg: Recording do not work for empty phrases.
01:42 Changeset [1668] by julienq
Update installer for alpha 8 release.
01:32 Changeset [1667] by julienq
Wrapping works but drawing is not so nice…
00:49 Changeset [1666] by julienq
Less screwy strip display; wrapping is currently disabled.


20:44 Changeset [1665] by julienq
Updated search bar a bit.
20:09 Changeset [1664] by avneeshsingh
Fix to buggs: - Accessible label for To do phrases is not updated - …
15:34 Changeset [1663] by julienq
Show selection in status bar.
15:17 Changeset [1662] by julienq
Fix to bug #1963296 crash on splitting phrase
14:49 Changeset [1661] by julienq
Fix for bug #1906227 Crash on starting recording while focus is in TOC …
13:59 Changeset [1660] by julienq
Showing more info in status bar on node selection (Todo: text/audio …
06:43 Changeset [1659] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bugg: #1963563 closing project while live recording crash
06:38 Changeset [1658] by avneeshsingh
Fix to bug: Starting recording crash on no project open. previous fix did …


23:45 Changeset [1657] by julienq
TODO blocks.
10:27 Changeset [1656] by julienq
Rudimentary strip wrapping; needs fine tuning. New preferences file will …
09:22 WikiStart edited by julien-quint


22:44 Changeset [1655] by julienq
Implemented "show only selected section." Next: wrapping in section …
20:32 Changeset [1654] by julienq
Preference changes are committed. Style update for the new project dialog.
07:59 Changeset [1653] by avneeshsingh
Fix to buggs: - Keyboard focus lost on using stop playback. - Using undo …
07:22 Changeset [1652] by avneeshsingh
Fix to buggs: Crash triggered if cut and delete commands are given …


12:27 Changeset [1651] by avneeshsingh
fix to buggs: - Record triggeres crash if Obi is started and no project …
00:36 Changeset [1650] by julienq
Updated to version 0.10.7. Hope I didn't screw up the installer too bad.
00:26 Changeset [1649] by julienq
Updated custom class mark to apply to currently playing/recording phrase.


21:49 Changeset [1648] by julienq
Split at cursor time, or audio selection time.


23:27 Changeset [1647] by julienq
Moved to the wiki.
23:26 Changeset [1646] by julienq
Metadata view back to functional.
13:08 Changeset [1645] by julienq
Changed "add section" shortcuts from Ctrl+J to Ctrl+H.
09:53 Changeset [1644] by julienq
Fixed spacebar bug that I introduced by mistake :(
08:48 WikiStart edited by julien-quint


10:49 Changeset [1643] by avneeshsingh
Installer - Removed licence shortcut from program menu: by mistake added …
09:15 Changeset [1642] by avneeshsingh
update to installer licenses
09:08 Changeset [1641] by avneeshsingh
Workaround added for focussing on panel splitter. will try to find better …


12:34 Changeset [1640] by julienq
Updated metadata list; committing changes doesn't work. Removed "edit …
00:48 Changeset [1639] by julienq
Small cosmetic changes; replacing MetadataPanel? with …


13:49 Changeset [1638] by julienq
Quick layout fix to new metadata panel. Some cleanup as well.
10:18 Changeset [1637] by avneeshsingh
Updated to metadata prototype, require more updates but will be given …


12:01 Changeset [1636] by avneeshsingh
updated menu doc file
11:44 Changeset [1635] by avneeshsingh
some shortcut keys changed New shortcuts : - Control + PageUp? for prev …
09:57 WikiStart edited by julien-quint
06:33 Changeset [1634] by avneeshsingh
Metadata view updated with list view for review purpose. Can be reverted …


05:12 Changeset [1633] by avneeshsingh
Space bar for play selection trapped in all three views i.e. TOC, …
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