19:59 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
Development team is ready with Obi 1.0 (diff)
19:41 Changeset [2513] by avneesh-singh
Deleting useless files/directories. Had done minor stupid mistakes!
19:35 Changeset [2512] by avneesh-singh
made a copy
19:31 Changeset [2511] by avneesh-singh
adding Obi 1.0 tag directory
19:28 Changeset [2510] by avneesh-singh
committing again
19:24 Changeset [2509] by avneesh-singh
adding tag directory
19:21 downloads edited by chhavi-negi
19:12 Changeset [2508] by avneesh-singh
creating directory for Tags
18:32 documentation/KeyboardShortcuts edited by avneesh-singh
18:08 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by avneesh-singh
18:02 Ticket #377 (Make error messages more user friendly) created by avneesh-singh
Make error messages more user friendly.
17:53 Ticket #376 (Refactor GUI to overcome win32 handle exceptions) closed by avneesh-singh
17:53 Ticket #376 (Refactor GUI to overcome win32 handle exceptions) created by avneesh-singh
GUI has already been refactored for it. Adding this ticket to register in …
17:33 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
17:31 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
17:26 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
17:24 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by chhavi-negi
17:11 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
16:43 documentation/InstallationGuide_Pipeline-Lite edited by chhavi-negi
16:19 documentation/knownLimitations edited by avneesh-singh
13:30 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by rachana-singh
removed breaks in between the characters (diff)
13:18 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
12:52 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by rachana-singh
Did some spacing between the characters (diff)
12:37 documentation/ReleaseNotes edited by avneesh-singh
12:24 documentation/ReleaseNotes edited by rachana-singh
Changed the version of Obi (diff)
12:17 documentation/KeyboardShortcuts edited by rachana-singh
changed the version of Obi (diff)
12:15 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
12:15 documentation/KeyboardShortcuts edited by rachana-singh
Modified few short cut keys (diff)
11:58 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
11:41 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
11:31 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
11:14 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:12 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:12 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:11 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:10 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:06 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
11:04 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by chhavi-negi
11:03 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports created by chhavi-negi
10:49 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
10:44 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:43 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:43 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:40 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:38 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:37 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
10:15 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
10:11 documentation/knownLimitations edited by chhavi-negi
10:07 WikiStart edited by rachana-singh
changed the headings (diff)
10:02 documentation/knownLimitations edited by chhavi-negi
10:00 documentation/knownLimitations edited by chhavi-negi
09:54 documentation/knownLimitations edited by chhavi-negi
09:34 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
07:17 Changeset [2507] by avneesh-singh
Updating path of help chm file in installer.
07:08 Changeset [2506] by avneesh-singh
Committing manual, had committed old file yesterday by mistake.
05:26 documentation/knownLimitations edited by avneesh-singh


19:22 Changeset [2505] by avneesh-singh
minor update, some accessible labels added
19:19 Changeset [2504] by avneesh-singh
Providing a little more explanation in manual.
13:06 documentation/knownLimitations created by avneesh-singh
Added known limitations, need to append and improve language!
10:49 Ticket #132 (Proofread manual) closed by avneesh-singh
09:51 downloads edited by avneesh-singh
09:47 downloads edited by avneesh-singh
added some downloads (diff)
09:11 downloads edited by avneesh-singh
08:10 downloads edited by avneesh-singh
06:15 Changeset [2503] by avneesh-singh
minor update to graphical peak meter.
05:52 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
minor update, still need to make major change for release. (diff)
04:55 Changeset [2502] by avneesh-singh
minor UpdateControls?
04:19 Changeset [2501] by avneesh-singh
minor adjustment to text VuMeter?.
03:58 Changeset [2500] by avneesh-singh
Updating setup to version 1.0
03:55 Changeset [2499] by avneesh-singh
updating assembly version to 1.0


19:42 downloads edited by avneesh-singh
13:36 Changeset [2498] by avneesh-singh
Updating JFW scripts for ver 9 / 10.
13:34 Changeset [2497] by avneesh-singh
committing JAWS 9 / 10 scripts installer for Obi.
07:41 Changeset [2496] by avneesh-singh
context menu is also updated after record.


07:21 Changeset [2495] by avneesh-singh
importing phrases have started giving in compatible format error dialog …


18:36 Changeset [2494] by avneesh-singh
adding some missing wav files.
15:31 Changeset [2493] by avneesh-singh
resume recording phrase should go to null after initializing resume.
07:52 Changeset [2492] by avneesh-singh
Display of Empty string messagebox limited and metadata name textbox is …


05:54 Changeset [2491] by avneesh-singh
minor update to delete check in metadata view.


03:34 Changeset [2490] by daniel-weck
fixed parseRIFF


14:34 Changeset [2489] by daniel-weck
- fixed numerous issues with both playback and recording.
10:58 Changeset [2488] by daniel-weck
fixed stream close bug
10:11 Changeset [2487] by daniel-weck
added missing file
10:07 Changeset [2486] by daniel-weck
fixed some errors
09:11 Changeset [2485] by daniel-weck
finishing touches to the branch (compiles and runs fine on my end)
09:03 Changeset [2484] by daniel-weck
modifying the branch to include the actual changes for AudioLib?
08:46 Changeset [2483] by daniel-weck
creating branch for extracted audio library
03:23 Changeset [2482] by avneesh-singh
minor update for precaution


17:51 Changeset [2481] by avneesh-singh
minor update to split function arrangements.


06:41 Changeset [2480] by avneesh-singh
minor updates regarding wait cursors and messageboxes
04:02 Changeset [2479] by avneesh-singh
If project is empty, export returns without starting process.


18:38 Ticket #357 (Error in export) closed by rachana-singh
17:48 Changeset [2478] by avneesh-singh
Wait cursors invoked for some long operations.


09:55 Changeset [2477] by avneesh-singh
minor adjustment in testVuMeter.
09:14 Changeset [2476] by avneesh-singh
wave file references properly placed.


12:04 Changeset [2475] by avneesh-singh
updated assembly version.
10:45 Ticket #375 (Delete unused section in the content view, exception raised) closed by avneesh-singh


18:08 Changeset [2474] by avneesh-singh
added JAWS scripts. JAWS ver 9 and 10 need some scripts as they are not …


14:07 Changeset [2473] by avneesh-singh
recording do not start if something in metadata view is selected.
13:24 documentation/InstallationGuide_Pipeline-Lite edited by avneesh-singh


06:33 Changeset [2472] by avneesh-singh
undo for cut strip now shows phrases as default behaviour.


18:52 Changeset [2471] by avneesh-singh
commiting help with minor improvements, next internal build will include …
14:33 Changeset [2470] by avneesh-singh
check for null audioRange added in canSplit phrase so as to take care of …
09:31 Changeset [2469] by avneesh-singh
if selection is null while delete unused command, delete command updates …


12:10 Changeset [2468] by avneesh-singh
Committing metadata value clears content text box.
08:09 Changeset [2467] by avneesh-singh
Updating source file parameters, on some machines old key words were …
07:12 Changeset [2466] by avneesh-singh
disabled import audio file while recording.
06:36 Ticket #375 (Delete unused section in the content view, exception raised) created by chhavi-negi
Create a new project. Add a section.mark it as unused. Now …


18:51 Changeset [2465] by avneesh-singh
during delete unused, if unused node is selected, deselection invoked to …


19:09 Changeset [2464] by avneesh-singh
added audio clue alert for asking JRE installation.
18:50 Changeset [2463] by avneesh-singh
pipeline-lite for packaging.
17:41 Ticket #349 (Cut all the sections and their subsections and press play selection, ...) closed by chhavi-negi
17:41 Ticket #374 (Making Undo and Redo and then clean unreferenced audio, bug produced) closed by chhavi-negi
15:56 Changeset [2462] by avneesh-singh
fixed lock file problem in save as.
14:05 Changeset [2461] by avneesh-singh
Save as dialog made less confusing.
09:27 Changeset [2460] by avneesh-singh
updated export message.
07:39 Changeset [2459] by avneesh-singh
time tolerance increased in pipeline scripts


15:17 Changeset [2458] by avneesh-singh
fix for wrong selection followed by cut strip in content view.
13:02 Changeset [2457] by avneesh-singh
attempt to fix 349
10:15 Changeset [2456] by avneesh-singh
committing file missed out in prev commit.
06:22 Changeset [2455] by avneesh-singh
registering audio media data done in all audio manipulation commands.


18:52 Changeset [2454] by avneesh-singh
MediaData? registered in delete audio and split also.
11:34 Changeset [2453] by avneesh-singh
media data registered in some more commands.
09:49 Changeset [2452] by avneesh-singh
media data registered with command in add node command. Will implement in …
08:43 Ticket #374 (Making Undo and Redo and then clean unreferenced audio, bug produced) created by chhavi-negi
Create new project. Record a phrase. Undo it Clean …


11:22 Changeset [2451] by avneesh-singh
committing minor pending changes
08:21 Changeset [2450] by avneesh-singh
exception handlers added to merge commands
07:16 Changeset [2449] by daniel-weck
attempt to fix filehandle release delays (see #357)
06:49 Ticket #353 (Out of memory exception is thrown while exporting a large project) closed by avneesh-singh
06:32 Ticket #356 (Stack overflow exception is thrown while traversing a large project) closed by avneesh-singh
fixed: It is not just related to export, resource consumption in DFS recursions …
05:59 Ticket #373 (Extremely occasional bug while recording in minimized state.) created by rachana-singh
1. Open a large project . 2. Select any one of the section and …


21:25 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by chhavi-negi
21:24 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by chhavi-negi
21:17 documentation/QuickStartGuide edited by chhavi-negi


19:05 Changeset [2448] by avneesh-singh
updated setup file to version 0.99
13:25 Changeset [2447] by avneesh-singh
adding updated pipeline-lite
13:14 Changeset [2446] by avneesh-singh
deleted pipline-lite compressed file
12:33 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
12:28 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
added point for download setup (diff)
12:18 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
added download point (diff)
09:45 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
09:44 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
09:43 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
09:15 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
improved images display for screenreader (diff)
08:51 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
08:48 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
Updated text (diff)
08:10 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by avneesh-singh
improved text (diff)
07:59 Changeset [2445] by avneesh-singh
adding Installation notes
07:36 Changeset [2444] by avneesh-singh
Committing updated manual


14:13 Changeset [2443] by avneesh-singh
minor update to avoid possible null reference
12:52 Changeset [2442] by avneesh-singh
Paste adjusted for visible blocks count.


18:55 Changeset [2441] by avneesh-singh
minor update for facilitating removal of blocks when they exceed max …
10:16 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
09:06 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
09:00 documentation/InstallationGuide_PrereqInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:56 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:53 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:49 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:43 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:34 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:34 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:32 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
08:31 documentation/InstallationGuide_WebInstaller edited by chhavi-negi
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