15:36 Changeset [2598] by chhavi-negi
Made some corrections in validate output.
11:37 Changeset [2597] by avneesh-singh
minor update
08:59 Changeset [2596] by rachana-singh
Minor change to run the start up form of choosing the type of export.
07:11 Changeset [2595] by chhavi-negi
Done validating and merging of Daisy202 files.
06:40 Ticket #390 (Add go to phrase index in a section) created by avneesh-singh
Add a feature for jumping to a phrase index inside the selected section.
06:38 Ticket #389 (add audio clue confirming deletion of prase, section) created by avneesh-singh
add audio clue for confirming that a phrase or a section is deleted.
05:33 Ticket #388 (Make JRE installation more transparent in complete installer) created by avneesh-singh
Currently, installer asks user's permission for re-installing JRE, in case …
05:28 Ticket #387 (Language switch should not require application restart) created by avneesh-singh
Language switch currently requires user to restarts Obi for updating text …
05:14 Ticket #118 (Language switch) closed by avneesh-singh
05:07 Ticket #76 (DAISY 2.02 export) closed by avneesh-singh
04:50 Ticket #386 (Create front end for Merger) created by avneesh-singh
This is joint task for Rachana and Chhavi.(assigned to one name because …


16:24 Changeset [2594] by rachana-singh
created a UI to choose the export option for merging.Need to add more …
14:09 Changeset [2593] by avneesh-singh
update to pipeline interface.
10:46 Changeset [2592] by avneesh-singh
restart message is shown only if new culture do not match settings …
07:24 Changeset [2591] by avneesh-singh
improving some names, UI needs to be updated
06:50 Changeset [2590] by avneesh-singh
minor rearrangements.


16:07 Changeset [2589] by avneesh-singh
adding a missing file.
15:20 Changeset [2588] by avneesh-singh
more updates to merger
10:51 Changeset [2587] by avneesh-singh
capabilities of dtbFilesinfo and renamer expanded, code will need …
07:43 Changeset [2586] by avneesh-singh
minor update. consumed export radio button option.
07:26 Changeset [2585] by rachana-singh
Minor update added Radio buttons for selecting type of Daisy Export.
05:46 Changeset [2584] by avneesh-singh
heading phrase should get preference than page in export.


12:03 Changeset [2583] by avneesh-singh
2.02 export hooked up. Need to add option for selecting among the two …
11:39 Changeset [2582] by avneesh-singh
unused phrases and headings phrases also handled for 2.02 export.
07:16 Changeset [2581] by avneesh-singh
most of validation errors removed from 2.02 export. Need to handle some …


15:44 Changeset [2580] by avneesh-singh
adding class for DAISY 2.02 Export


09:57 Changeset [2579] by avneesh-singh
localizer messages added for language change.
08:35 Changeset [2578] by avneesh-singh
added option to select language, but yet Obi have only us english and …
06:13 Ticket #346 (item in Metadata list view loose keyboard focus when it is updated) closed by avneesh-singh
06:10 Ticket #239 (Page properties should give the type and number of page) closed by avneesh-singh
06:08 Ticket #385 (Import structure from DTBook 2005 document) created by avneesh-singh
MS word can save in DTBook 2005 document so it is desired that Obi import …


15:19 Changeset [2577] by avneesh-singh
background worker can be cancelled now.
13:42 Changeset [2576] by avneesh-singh
added exception handler with minor updates to controls text


13:24 Changeset [2575] by rachana-singh
Minor changes done in form and its controls to avoid the exceptions.
11:43 Changeset [2574] by avneesh-singh
update to downgrader, need to resolve timing difference in large books and …


08:58 Changeset [2573] by rachana-singh
Added few controls for Page numbering.
05:45 Changeset [2572] by avneesh-singh
adding page merge options.


13:53 Changeset [2571] by avneesh-singh
more update
10:49 Changeset [2570] by chhavi-negi
some updates, fixed some GUI bugs.
10:41 Changeset [2569] by avneesh-singh
more update to downgrader


09:40 Changeset [2568] by avneesh-singh
pages and headings are formed well.


13:04 Changeset [2567] by avneesh-singh
partial commit for downgrader, not operational yet.


11:21 Changeset [2566] by rachana-singh
Removed some control names which were not required..
10:06 Changeset [2565] by avneesh-singh
deleting old files
10:05 Changeset [2564] by avneesh-singh
minor update, form renamed.
09:55 Changeset [2563] by avneesh-singh
07:38 Changeset [2562] by rachana-singh
Some changes in Form w.r.t location of group box and buttons.
06:54 Changeset [2561] by avneesh-singh
parser accepts ms and minor update to dtb info text box.


17:21 Changeset [2560] by rachana-singh
Removed Message boxes used for testing purpose and few GUI enhancement.
13:12 Changeset [2559] by chhavi-negi
Bug removed in Validate output. Check for deleting output directory.
12:05 Changeset [2558] by avneesh-singh
removing minor errors.
11:59 Changeset [2557] by rachana-singh
Added Few Checks in GUI.
07:52 Changeset [2556] by chhavi-negi
Validating Input and output files
05:59 Changeset [2555] by avneesh-singh
adding function for wrapping pipline scripts execution.


14:51 Changeset [2554] by rachana-singh
Added ProgressDialogDTB.cs Form. Missed it in the last commit.
14:43 Changeset [2553] by rachana-singh
Added Background Worker and Progress Bar. Made few GUI enhancement and …
07:38 Changeset [2552] by chhavi-negi
Display the info of the DaisyBook? in a multiline text box. aligned the …


19:08 Changeset [2551] by avneesh-singh
added property for progress bar information.
18:01 Changeset [2550] by rachana-singh
Few changes in GUI
12:59 Changeset [2549] by chhavi-negi
Merging of opf files done. Elements of list box can move up and down.
08:45 Changeset [2548] by avneesh-singh
adding script parser for using validator. Code is rough, need improvements …
08:13 Changeset [2547] by rachana-singh
Added two more Buttons and working code for other controls.
06:53 Changeset [2546] by rachana-singh
Adding resx file missed in last commit
06:33 Changeset [2545] by rachana-singh
Added various controls in MergerUtility? Form.


07:55 Changeset [2544] by avneesh-singh
minor update
06:57 Changeset [2543] by avneesh-singh
merge API made cleaner


11:10 Changeset [2542] by avneesh-singh
deleting old merge files
09:58 Changeset [2541] by avneesh-singh
Structuring merge utility
08:45 Changeset [2540] by avneesh-singh
merger starts working.


18:37 Changeset [2539] by avneesh-singh
adding directories for utilities. Also a pliminary commit for merger.


06:17 Ticket #384 (Page number does not get reassigned automatically while reassigning page ...) created by chhavi-negi
Assign a page as special page with some characters as page number. …


12:04 Changeset [2538] by avneesh-singh
page details text box shows correct special page no.
11:59 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by chhavi-negi
11:49 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by avneesh-singh
11:28 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by avneesh-singh
11:27 documentation/InstructionsForSubmittingBuggReports edited by avneesh-singh
11:03 Changeset [2537] by chhavi-negi
Aligned phrase property dialog box properly.
09:07 Changeset [2536] by avneesh-singh
update to phrase properties dialog for page numbering.
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