13:05 Changeset [3849] by chhavi-negi
Group box added to the list view in Preferences
12:09 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
12:08 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
09:24 Ticket #542 (Very rapid left and right arrow keys through 500 - 600 phrases can ...) closed by avneesh-singh
09:23 Ticket #542 (Very rapid left and right arrow keys through 500 - 600 phrases can ...) created by avneesh-singh
when phrase navigation is done very rapidly using left and right arrows …
07:51 Changeset [3848] by avneesh-singh
adding url
06:22 Changeset [3847] by rachana-singh
Added another help menu item.
05:52 Ticket #468 (Missing page no. Throw xuk out exeption-very very ocasional) closed by avneesh-singh
wontfix: not able to observe again.
05:50 Ticket #296 (Deleting the red rectangle form of waveform throws an exception) closed by avneesh-singh
worksforme: waveform code was improved. Not able to observe it from a long time.
05:48 Ticket #540 (allow automatic bookmark on closing of project) closed by avneesh-singh
04:14 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by avneesh-singh
03:57 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh


13:40 Changeset [3846] by avneesh-singh
handled duplicacy for identifier and title for import
12:02 Changeset [3845] by avneesh-singh
identifier from import book placed in id textbox
09:26 Changeset [3844] by avneesh-singh
updated xuk version to 2.0
08:20 Changeset [3843] by avneesh-singh
generator should also be removed while import
08:19 Changeset [3842] by avneesh-singh
minor: assigned generator
06:32 Changeset [3841] by avneesh-singh
project creation modified to accomodate metadata for import project
01:21 Changeset [3840] by avneesh-singh
unwanted metadatas are now removed while import


18:26 Changeset [3839] by avneesh-singh
some metadatas should not be imported
16:31 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
13:31 Changeset [3838] by avneesh-singh
positions set for recording bar and Peak meter
09:37 Changeset [3837] by chhavi-negi
find is disabled while recording is on. mnemonics added for some menu …
09:02 Changeset [3836] by avneesh-singh
fixed cyclic movement of left and right arrow keys on empty phrases
06:38 Changeset [3835] by rachana-singh
Added function to refresh.
05:56 Changeset [3834] by rachana-singh
Added Refresh Content View Debugging Menu


12:54 Changeset [3833] by rachana-singh
Fixed focus regaining on metadata textbox.
12:43 Ticket #541 (Mark selection on phrase, do preview.Playback doesn't start from selection) closed by avneesh-singh


09:55 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by chhavi-negi
09:24 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
03:35 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
03:33 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation created by avneesh-singh


13:48 Changeset [3832] by rachana-singh
Improved accesible name of Merge section and Changed the title text of …
13:21 Changeset [3831] by rachana-singh
Project view name Keyboard shorcuts changed to TOC view keyboard shortcut.


12:52 Changeset [3830] by chhavi-negi
10:58 Changeset [3829] by avneesh-singh
minor update
06:59 Ticket #541 (Mark selection on phrase, do preview.Playback doesn't start from selection) created by chhavi-negi
Mark a selection on the waveform of a phrase, press v for preview from. …
06:51 Changeset [3828] by avneesh-singh
fixed resuming playback from selection after preview
03:49 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases created by avneesh-singh


11:40 Changeset [3827] by avneesh-singh
used sdk xml document parser in title/UID extraction
10:08 Changeset [3826] by avneesh-singh
fixed rename toc view node crash
09:18 Changeset [3825] by avneesh-singh
reinstating checks
09:05 Changeset [3824] by chhavi-negi
Bookmark node can be assigned to empty phrase or page also. Status bar and …
08:10 Changeset [3823] by avneesh-singh
fixed null refrence faced when ProjectView? presentation is not initialzed …
07:20 Changeset [3822] by avneesh-singh
04:58 Changeset [3821] by avneesh-singh
sub tree of unused section is not exported
04:26 Changeset [3820] by avneesh-singh


18:24 Changeset [3819] by avneesh-singh
fixed recent project list


07:03 Changeset [3818] by chhavi-negi
commiting localizer message
06:44 Changeset [3817] by chhavi-negi
minor commit in import
05:38 Changeset [3816] by avneesh-singh
05:14 Changeset [3815] by avneesh-singh
minor update


18:31 Changeset [3814] by chhavi-negi
Fixed a null reference crash in RecordingToolBarForm?
12:31 Changeset [3813] by chhavi-negi
Message box in bookmark node is more user-friendly now


20:36 Changeset [3812] by avneesh-singh
the selected section should be displayed in content view as the recording …
18:56 Changeset [3811] by avneesh-singh
minor - handled play on navigate for new presentation
18:34 Changeset [3810] by avneesh-singh
only sectionnode or emptyNodes are allowed as bookmark nodes
17:55 Changeset [3809] by avneesh-singh
16:56 Changeset [3808] by avneesh-singh
unused status of section reflects in recently recorded phrase


05:46 Changeset [3807] by avneesh-singh
minor update


18:57 Changeset [3806] by chhavi-negi
Recording tool bar gets enabled according to transport bar and …
18:43 Changeset [3805] by avneesh-singh
minor update
13:09 Changeset [3804] by avneesh-singh
default shortcuts are loaded in case keyboard shortcuts settings file is …
06:57 Changeset [3803] by chhavi-negi
added localizer message for progress bar.
05:15 Changeset [3802] by chhavi-negi
default drivers are picked up by Obi when it is opened for the first time


10:32 Ticket #261 (Add ctrl+click on waveform/block/section to move playback position instead ...) closed by avneesh-singh
09:31 Changeset [3801] by avneesh-singh
adding progress bar to project upgrading


14:00 Changeset [3800] by chhavi-negi
Warning message for saving bookmark node when a project is saved is …
10:10 Changeset [3799] by avneesh-singh
keyboard focus moves to selection explicitly when selection is assignned …
08:23 Changeset [3798] by avneesh-singh
check improved for menu items with Keys.none in KeyboardShortcuts?
08:22 Changeset [3797] by avneesh-singh
minor update to tooltips in metadata iew and also to waveform


13:25 Changeset [3796] by daniel-weck
change of list accessor for performance improvement
10:10 Changeset [3795] by daniel-weck
minor changes
05:47 Changeset [3794] by chhavi-negi
improved status messages in recorder tool bar added localizer messages
01:30 Changeset [3793] by daniel-weck
fixed paste command which wasn't registering its media data to avoid being …
00:23 Changeset [3792] by daniel-weck
this fixes the cleanup open audio stream bug


07:06 Changeset [3791] by avneesh-singh
minor update
05:38 Changeset [3790] by avneesh-singh
removed message asking to display section while moving to bookmark node
04:41 Ticket #513 (Cancel button on progress bar should respond quickly in phrase detection) closed by avneesh-singh
04:40 Ticket #538 (Add option to retain the initial silence after applying phrase detection.) closed by avneesh-singh


14:35 Changeset [3789] by chhavi-negi
Settings are saved to retain the initial silence in phrase detection. …
13:01 Changeset [3788] by avneesh-singh
cancelling of phrase detection works in desired way
12:22 Changeset [3787] by chhavi-negi
Placed localizer messages for recording tool bar
09:31 Changeset [3786] by avneesh-singh
adding option to retain initial silence after phrase detection. need to …
07:59 Ticket #97 (Export audio phrases) closed by avneesh-singh
07:57 Ticket #537 (There should be capability to merge multiple cections. It can be done by ...) closed by avneesh-singh
07:56 Ticket #385 (Import structure from DTBook 2005 document) closed by avneesh-singh
07:55 Ticket #383 (DTB import) closed by avneesh-singh
fixed: Implemented, it imports: * DAISY 3 Audio NCX book * DAISY 3 full text …
07:44 Changeset [3785] by avneesh-singh
commiting missed msg files
07:39 Changeset [3784] by avneesh-singh
recording toolbar works smoothly
06:59 Changeset [3783] by avneesh-singh


12:02 Changeset [3782] by chhavi-negi
Removed a bug from Bookmark node
08:48 Changeset [3781] by avneesh-singh
adding check for memory overload


19:56 Changeset [3780] by daniel-weck
updated Obi project and solution files for Visual Studio 2010 in full …
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