10:46 Ticket #549 (create save option dialog for saving bookmark and project) created by avneesh-singh
create save option dialog for saving bookmark and project
10:43 Ticket #548 (Saving a section as a bookmark is not taking place when a project is ...) closed by avneesh-singh
10:35 Changeset [3917] by avneesh-singh
minor update
09:48 Changeset [3916] by avneesh-singh
waveform rendering halted during cleanup
07:57 Ticket #548 (Saving a section as a bookmark is not taking place when a project is ...) created by chhavi-negi
Check Open project when bookmark opens in prefrences dialog. Mark a …
07:51 Changeset [3915] by avneesh-singh
restore bookmark on opening project work with sections
07:21 Changeset [3914] by avneesh-singh
improved import from DTB display
06:44 Changeset [3913] by chhavi-negi
Shifted Bookmark to Edit menu from Phrase menu
05:41 Changeset [3912] by chhavi-negi
Added group box to list box in report dialog


11:11 Changeset [3911] by avneesh-singh
phrase detector progress bar is deterministic
11:10 Changeset [3910] by avneesh-singh
progress reporting added to phrase detection backend
06:58 Changeset [3909] by chhavi-negi
Fixed a bug in AudioFormatConverter?.cs
06:47 Changeset [3908] by avneesh-singh
minor update
06:03 Changeset [3907] by chhavi-negi
05:26 Changeset [3906] by avneesh-singh
project upgrader is cancellable


12:41 Ticket #547 (Reverse arrangement of imported audio files) created by chhavi-negi
Import audio files in Obi in a section. Check create section for each …
07:21 Changeset [3905] by chhavi-negi


11:21 Changeset [3904] by avneesh-singh
cancelling code added to ncc file creation in daisy 2.02 export
10:12 Changeset [3903] by avneesh-singh
hooked up progress update with export
10:09 Changeset [3902] by avneesh-singh
progress bar becomes deterministic when it is hooked up with progress …
09:14 Changeset [3901] by avneesh-singh
export progressbar is now cancelable
08:33 Changeset [3900] by avneesh-singh
some re structuring for export
07:27 Changeset [3899] by avneesh-singh
minor updates for changes in daisy 2.02 export
07:23 Changeset [3898] by avneesh-singh
Obi's DAISY 2.02 export also uses publish visitor of Urakawa.DAISY. Will …


15:05 Changeset [3897] by chhavi-negi
minor changes
10:57 Changeset [3896] by chhavi-negi
Localizer messages added from Import


05:53 Changeset [3895] by rachana-singh
Improved format of String.


07:42 Changeset [3894] by chhavi-negi
Minor changes in UI in ReportDialog?
06:44 Changeset [3893] by chhavi-negi
Changes in GUI in ReportDialog?.


16:03 Changeset [3892] by avneesh-singh
update to waveform for handling redrawing due to very rapid copy paste


17:17 Changeset [3891] by chhavi-negi
Improved UI for ReportDialog?
09:50 Changeset [3890] by avneesh-singh
improvement to error list addition
07:17 Changeset [3889] by avneesh-singh
more update to import cancelling


11:10 Changeset [3888] by avneesh-singh
hooked up import report dialog
10:21 Changeset [3887] by avneesh-singh
added list for recording error messages during import
06:38 Changeset [3886] by chhavi-negi
improved status messages in recorder tool bar


17:28 Changeset [3885] by chhavi-negi
commiting missing .csproj file.
10:33 Changeset [3884] by chhavi-negi
Added a dialog to check whether import was successful


18:04 Changeset [3883] by avneesh-singh
moving status update function call for avoiding cross thread


12:56 Changeset [3882] by avneesh-singh
marked phrase with error in audio clip extraction
11:53 Changeset [3881] by chhavi-negi
Set default audio drivers in audio preferences when Obi opens for first …


20:27 Ticket #49 (Color of strips do not normalise when switched back from high contrast) closed by avneesh-singh
20:27 Ticket #49 (Color of strips do not normalise when switched back from high contrast) reopened by avneesh-singh
20:26 Ticket #49 (Color of strips do not normalise when switched back from high contrast) closed by avneesh-singh
fixed: repainting of GUI for high contrast takes a lot of load. switching high …
19:53 WikiStart edited by chhavi-negi
19:50 WikiStart edited by avneesh-singh
19:39 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by chhavi-negi
19:30 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
19:29 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
19:00 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
18:56 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
18:43 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by chhavi-negi
18:40 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
18:34 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by avneesh-singh
16:56 Ticket #546 (Sometimes cross thread exception MessageBox is observed after DAISY 3 book ...) created by avneesh-singh
After DAISY 3 import is complete, sometimes cross thread operation message …
16:31 Changeset [3880] by avneesh-singh
Installer configurations for Obi 2.0 alpha
16:30 Changeset [3879] by avneesh-singh
update to formatting of new features page
12:15 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
08:29 Changeset [3878] by avneesh-singh
null check added for list of nodes with missing audio media
07:10 Changeset [3877] by avneesh-singh
minor revert
07:01 Changeset [3876] by avneesh-singh
updating assembly versions
05:47 Changeset [3875] by avneesh-singh
end of file tolerance code overriden in Obi. Need to add some obi specific …


19:49 Changeset [3874] by avneesh-singh
minor improvement to clean check message
19:16 Changeset [3873] by avneesh-singh
prevented the phrase load exception if clip error skip creation of …
13:39 Changeset [3872] by avneesh-singh
null heading node in ncx should be informed
06:26 Changeset [3871] by chhavi-negi
05:02 Ticket #545 (Obi form keeps shrinking as and when obi form is closed when recording ...) closed by avneesh-singh
04:40 Changeset [3870] by avneesh-singh
audio clue should not play while rename


19:52 Changeset [3869] by avneesh-singh
update to setup
19:46 Changeset [3868] by avneesh-singh
adding file for new features
19:44 Changeset [3867] by avneesh-singh
minor update
19:17 Ticket #545 (Obi form keeps shrinking as and when obi form is closed when recording ...) created by chhavi-negi
Open Obi. Now open recording tool bar, the peak meter also opens. Now …
18:53 Ticket #544 (Import DAISY 3 book and Export to DAISY are not cancellable) created by rachana-singh
Start export and within few seconds do ALT+F4.Export folder created …
18:46 Ticket #543 (Phrases inside an unused section do not become unused.) closed by avneesh-singh
18:08 Changeset [3866] by avneesh-singh
18:06 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
17:43 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by chhavi-negi
17:31 Changeset [3865] by chhavi-negi
16:33 Changeset [3864] by avneesh-singh
focus lands on recording phrase of recording section in content view when …
14:31 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
13:37 Changeset [3863] by avneesh-singh
prevented peak meter opening from shrinking obi window across application …
12:54 Changeset [3862] by avneesh-singh
checking of used check box in section properties makes phrases also unused
12:23 Changeset [3861] by chhavi-negi
11:36 Ticket #543 (Phrases inside an unused section do not become unused.) created by chhavi-negi
Select a section. Do Alt enter for properties. Uncheck Section is used. …
10:51 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by avneesh-singh
10:45 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
09:58 Changeset [3860] by chhavi-negi
09:43 Changeset [3859] by avneesh-singh
09:41 Changeset [3858] by avneesh-singh
export audio function updated for context menu
09:22 Changeset [3857] by chhavi-negi
Added context menu item for export audio. Localizer message added.
08:40 Changeset [3856] by avneesh-singh
minor update


19:38 Changeset [3855] by avneesh-singh
some installer configurations
17:58 Changeset [3854] by avneesh-singh
aditional check applied to project import to prevent overwriting of …
09:13 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
09:00 Changeset [3853] by chhavi-negi
08:08 Changeset [3852] by avneesh-singh
added warning message in case when clean up is started while waveform is …
06:09 Changeset [3851] by avneesh-singh
workaround for preventing screenreader from speaking confusing information …
05:32 Changeset [3850] by chhavi-negi


13:05 Changeset [3849] by chhavi-negi
Group box added to the list view in Preferences
12:09 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
12:08 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
09:24 Ticket #542 (Very rapid left and right arrow keys through 500 - 600 phrases can ...) closed by avneesh-singh
09:23 Ticket #542 (Very rapid left and right arrow keys through 500 - 600 phrases can ...) created by avneesh-singh
when phrase navigation is done very rapidly using left and right arrows …
07:51 Changeset [3848] by avneesh-singh
adding url
06:22 Changeset [3847] by rachana-singh
Added another help menu item.
05:52 Ticket #468 (Missing page no. Throw xuk out exeption-very very ocasional) closed by avneesh-singh
wontfix: not able to observe again.
05:50 Ticket #296 (Deleting the red rectangle form of waveform throws an exception) closed by avneesh-singh
worksforme: waveform code was improved. Not able to observe it from a long time.
05:48 Ticket #540 (allow automatic bookmark on closing of project) closed by avneesh-singh
04:14 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by avneesh-singh
03:57 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh


13:40 Changeset [3846] by avneesh-singh
handled duplicacy for identifier and title for import
12:02 Changeset [3845] by avneesh-singh
identifier from import book placed in id textbox
09:26 Changeset [3844] by avneesh-singh
updated xuk version to 2.0
08:20 Changeset [3843] by avneesh-singh
generator should also be removed while import
08:19 Changeset [3842] by avneesh-singh
minor: assigned generator
06:32 Changeset [3841] by avneesh-singh
project creation modified to accomodate metadata for import project
01:21 Changeset [3840] by avneesh-singh
unwanted metadatas are now removed while import


18:26 Changeset [3839] by avneesh-singh
some metadatas should not be imported
16:31 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
13:31 Changeset [3838] by avneesh-singh
positions set for recording bar and Peak meter
09:37 Changeset [3837] by chhavi-negi
find is disabled while recording is on. mnemonics added for some menu …
09:02 Changeset [3836] by avneesh-singh
fixed cyclic movement of left and right arrow keys on empty phrases
06:38 Changeset [3835] by rachana-singh
Added function to refresh.
05:56 Changeset [3834] by rachana-singh
Added Refresh Content View Debugging Menu


12:54 Changeset [3833] by rachana-singh
Fixed focus regaining on metadata textbox.
12:43 Ticket #541 (Mark selection on phrase, do preview.Playback doesn't start from selection) closed by avneesh-singh


09:55 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation edited by chhavi-negi
09:24 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by chhavi-negi
03:35 documentation/about_Obi2.0_Releases edited by avneesh-singh
03:33 documentation/Obi2.0_FeaturesExplanation created by avneesh-singh


13:48 Changeset [3832] by rachana-singh
Improved accesible name of Merge section and Changed the title text of …
13:21 Changeset [3831] by rachana-singh
Project view name Keyboard shorcuts changed to TOC view keyboard shortcut.
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