Last modified 8 years ago Last modified on 10/27/10 06:03:55

New features and enhancements in Obi 1.1.:

Compatibility with previous standard

  • Obi has been extended to incorporate the DAISY 2.02 standard. So you can export the project to a DTB that conforms to DAISY 2.02, validate it, and encode it to MP3.

New Tools and Utilities

  • New Obi enables you to rename the file sets of the exported DTB with a tool termed as Fileset renamer.
  • A utility named DTB Merger is distributed with this release. It enables you to merge two or more DTBs. You can start DTB Merger by clicking Programs->Obi->DTB Merger on the Start menu. Then you may view DTB Merger’s user guide by pressing F1.


  • The Auto Save command now saves the modifications to a backup file, thereby increasing the chances of recovering the project in case of an incongruity.
  • You can now quickly navigate to a specific page in the project or a phrase in a section. The attributes of a page phrase can also be changed using the Phrase properties dialog.
  • Now, you can switch from one language to another in the same application. Simply change the language in the User profile preferences tab of the Preferences dialog and restart Obi. Please note that this language switch is functional only for two languages (English “en-US” and Hindi “hi-IN”) in this release.
  • Export operation is further enhanced to give the users flexibility of choosing the level till which Obi will create one file per section.

To download the setup of Obi please visit the download page. To view the list of bugs fixed in this release please visit List of fixed bugs
To access other useful information like help and support, known limitations and issue tracker please visit Obi main page