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Instructions for submitting bug reports

Please follow the procedure below for submitting bug reports:

  1. Before submitting your bugs, you may like to check if these bugs have already been submitted. It can be checked from List of submitted bugs
  2. Please include following details in bug report.
  • Short description: Provide a very brief description of the bug.
  • Type: Is it a bug or an enhancement request.
  • Operating system: Operating system being used by you i.e. Windows XP(with service pack) / Windows Vista ( with version ).
  • Full description: This should contain steps of reproduction i.e. the complete procedure in detail with which developers can reproduce the bug on their machines. It should also contain details like directX version, dotnet framework version etc. which the user has on his/her machine.
  • Priority: Indicate priority of the bug, it may be high / medium / low.

You can send bug reports to