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Release notes

Release notes for Obi 1.1 released on September 11th, 2009.

About Obi:

Obi is a DAISY/NISO Digital Talking Book production tool. The Obi software was initially created to demonstrate the capabilities of the Urakawa SDK. Since then, it has evolved into a powerful authoring tool, which is easy to use, accessible and internationalized. Obi is free software, it is available at no cost, and its source code is available for anyone to run, modify and redistribute. Obi is released under the LGPL license.

The intended audience of Obi is medium / small scale DTB production environment and the individual DAISY reader who wants to create his/her own DAISY contents. This includes, but is not restricted to, print-disabled users.

Obi will run on Windows XP SP2 and later. It needs dotnet framework 2.0, DirectX 9 c and java runtime environment 6.0+.
To install Obi, just double-click on Setup and follow the setup instructions. If you do not have any of above written dependencies installed, you will be given installation instructions by the installer.

Runnning Obi:
Once Obi is installed, you can run Obi by double-clicking on the Obi icon.
You can also double click on .obi files to open in Obi. Once Obi has started, press F1 for the online help manual.

Enhancements and augmentations:

  • Obi has been extended to incorporate the DAISY 2.02 standard. So, the users now have an option to export the project to a DTB that conforms to either of the two DAISY specifications (DAISY 3 specification or DAISY 2.02 specification).
  • A new utility named DTB Merger is distributed with this release that enables you to merge two or more DTBs into a single book. You can start DTB Merger by clicking Programs->Obi->DTB Merger in the Start menu. You may view DTB Merger's User Guide by pressing F1.
  • You may also customize the file names of the exported DTB using a new tool termed as Fileset Renamer.
  • The Auto Save command now saves the modifications to a backup file, thereby increasing the chances of recovering the project, if a problem occurs.
  • Page and phrase navigation is enhanced by providing go to page or phrase dialog.
  • Phrase properties dialog now also shows attributes of the page phrase such as page number and page kind.
  • Language switch has been implemented that allows user to switch languages using the user profile tab of the preferences dialog, eliminating the need of separate builds for each language. Please note that this language switch is functional only for two languages (English "en-US" and Hindi "hi-IN") in this release.
  • Export operation is further enhanced to give the users flexibility of choosing the level till which Obi will create one file per section.
  • JRE installation has been made more transparent in complete installer.

List of some major bugs fixed in this release:

  • Slipping of keyboard focus in metadata list view while updating.
  • While using split operation, nudge command used to have no effect on the split position.
  • Pause command did not work when used immediately after normalize with elapse back.
  • Obi used to reset the audio driver to primary driver when restarted.
  • Multiple audio channels used to exist even after the export operation, if the export operation failed.
  • Problem in starting Obi with last opened project option when the intended project was moved or deleted.
  • Unhandled exception while navigating to phrases having special role in the sections with hidden contents.
  • Rounding off errors observed while applying phrase detection on large phrase.
  • Initializing playback after positioning the audio cursor on a large phrase used to scroll the view to make the beginning of the phrase visible, thereby hiding the audio cursor from the screen.
  • Victor reader classic plus (CD drive based old model) missed out page navigation in a valid DAISY 2.02 book.

Details about list of removed bugs is also available.

Please note that the known issues related to GUI will be fixed in the future releases.

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