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About Obi 1.2 Release Candidate

Enhancements in Obi 1.2 release candidate

  • New Obi has a potential of handling large projects. The restrictions related to the number of phrases and sections have been removed.
  • Content view has been reworked to show a single section at a time. The TOC view synchronizes itself with the Content view automatically, but it is not true vice versa. The contents of the highlighted section of the TOC view can be displayed in the Content view using F6, a double-click or the context menu. Some of the keyboard shortcuts for navigating among items in Content view have also been modified.
  • You can import any audio file having MP3/WAV formats in Obi. The audio files imported will be automatically converted to match the audio preferences of your project.
  • While importing the audio files, you can choose to create one section for each audio file. The section containing the audio from the file will have the same name as that of the respective audio file.
  • Apply phrase detection command has been extended to work on both selected item(phrase or section) and multiple sections.
  • Merge phrases command can now merge contiguous phrases following or preceding the current phrase in a section.
  • A new command, Delete following phrases, has been introduced that deletes all the phrases following the selected phrase in a section.
  • The Find command functions in both TOC view and Content view. In TOC view, it searches for the section name and in Content view, it matches the string with the contents of the currently displayed section.
  • The commands Merge Sections and Apply phrase detection are operational in TOC view also.
  • Nudge duration is now adjustable. It can be modified using preferences dialog.
  • Tooltip is introduced in metadata view to provide helpful hints for its entries.
  • Obi 1.2 RC comes with common installer for both 64 bit and 32 bit versions of windows 7 / vista.

List of some major bugs fixed in RC2 release

  • The metadata entries for time in the exported book used to record the time in invalid format for very large books, i.e. days, hours, minutes.
  • Time tolerance used to get ignored while validating the exported book using DAISY 2.02 light validator.
  • Sometimes, Auto save used to get triggered while phrase detection operation was being executed.
  • After the preview operation, setting the audio cursor at some other point did not update the playback position, and playback used to start from the preview position instead.
  • In a large section, if the play on navigate option is turned on and the users navigates to another phrase, the audio of the heading phrase used to play before starting the playback of the destination phrase.
  • Obi used to refresh the screen in some scenarios when it was not required.
  • The Page up key failed to scroll up the screen in some particular cases.
  • Repair operation of the installer used to roll back on some machines.

List of some major bugs fixed in RC1 release

  • As the size of project increased, considerable drop in performance was observed.
  • Project failed to export as DAISY, when revision metadata entry was added without revision date.
  • Date metadata used to reject a value comprising of year only.
  • Null reference while using zoom in / zoom out on a large project.
  • Sometimes horizontal scroll bar did not use to adjust itself, when Audio zoom in command was given.

For details about removed bugs please visit List of removed bugs

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Download Obi 1.2 RC2, 2nd release candidate

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