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Obi 2.0 beta release

Obi 2.0 beta (the test release) is intended to provide better usability and higher adaptability with its most awaited features like DAISY 3 import and configurable keyboard shortcuts. It also includes fixes of the bugs reported after Obi 2.0 alpha release.

It uses upgraded Urakawa SDK 2.0 and its satellite assemblies as backend. The upgraded Urakawa SDK 2.0 is the outcome of first stage of Obi-Tobi 2.0 project that concentrated on merging the code bases of both the tools, so that they can benefit from each other’s advantages. As a result, the scope of Urakawa SDK 2.0 and its satellite assemblies has been broadened to handle requirements of various audio book authoring software.

New features list

  • Obi can now import DAISY 3 books. The command New project from import is enhanced to import audio and structure from DAISY 3 book formats.
  • To increase adaptability of Obi, users are provided with a flexibility to redefine keyboard shortcuts for various operations in Obi.
  • A pop-up recording toolbar is introduced that will remain on screen even after minimizing Obi. It will facilitate the book narrator to read out the contents from scanned images while controlling recording at the same time.
  • The merge section function has been enhanced to merge multiple contiguous sections.
  • Export audio feature has been introduced that creates an external audio file from audio contained in a phrase or a section, enabling its external processing.
  • The DAISY 3 export function has been enhanced to provide better performance and flexibility by the way of providing the users with a choice to have exported audio files in either WAV or MP3 format, eliminating the need of encoding the audio files to MP3 explicitly.
  • DAISY 2.02 export now allows the users to export blank page phrases to a DTB.
  • DAISY3 permits a page phrase to be the first phrase of the section, whereas DAISY 2.02 does not. This release of Obi comes with a workaround for adjusting page phrases during export operation without requiring any user intervention.
  • Enhanced Obi remembers the item last selected before closing the project. When the project is reopened, focus will be set on this bookmarked item.
  • Users can now choose to retain the initial silence (present at the beginning of the phrase) as the first phrase of the set of phrases resulting from the process of phrase detection.
  • Obi 2.0 beta presents a new feature, Restore from backup, to revert the project to a previously saved state using the backup file.

For elaboration on the above features, please visit How to use new features

List of major bugs fixed in this release

  • Import audio files operation used to reverse the order of the resultant phrases with respect to imported audio files.
  • Undo of a cut and paste operation on a portion of a waveform used to fail.
  • After performing the Import audio files operation with "Create one section for each audio file" option checked, if user performed undo followed by a redo, a "Redo stack empty" message used to appear with termination of the redo operation.
  • The undo operation rendered the Content view empty, if it was performed after a split section command when all the phrases of the sections were empty.
  • An arithmetic overflow exception used to occur occasionally while stopping the forward or rewind operations.
  • The process of opening a project in Obi 2.0 was slower as compared to that of Obi 1.2.

List of major bugs fixed in Obi 2.0 alpha release

  • Memory overload used to occur when the user pressed the Left and Right arrow keys very rapidly through more than 500 phrases in Content view.
  • After using the Preview command on the selected audio, pressing Space resulted in playback of the entire phrase, instead of the playback of the audio selection.
  • When the user used to press the Cancel button on the Phrase detection dialog, Obi used to take long time to terminate the process.
  • If the user used to change the used status using the Section properties dialog, Obi used to alter the status of the section without altering the used status of its phrases.

To know about all removed bugs and their details please visit List of removed bugs

Your feedback is important for successful release of Obi 2.0. Please visit Instructions for submitting bug reports for submitting bug reports and providing your valuable suggestions.

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