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The only project hosted on this site is the PipeOnline project.

The development of the Pipeline 1 project is still hosted on Sourceforge.

The development of the next-generation Pipeline 2 project is now hosted on Google Code.

What is the DAISY Pipeline?

The DAISY Pipeline is a framework for document- and DTB-related pipelined transformations. It supports the migration of digital content to various formats efficiently and economically, facilitating both production and distribution of DAISY Digital Talking Books.

The DAISY Pipeline is a collaborative project maintained by the DAISY Consortium, with numerous organizations participating and contributing to the development.

The DAISY Pipeline is free and open source software, released under LGPL and is currently available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

What is the DAISY Consortium ?

DAISY (Digital Accessible Information SYstem) is an open standard for accessible electronic multimedia.

The DAISY Consortium is a worldwide body of like-minded organizations collaborating to develop the standards and to implement strategies for the production, exchange and use of next-generation Digital Talking Books (DTB) aimed at people who are blind, visually-impaired, or otherwise print-disabled (e.g. dyslexic).

The DAISY Consortium is a non-profit organization.

For Developers

This website is based on a collaborative environment named Trac, which is primarily targeted at developers. However, anonymous visitors are granted read-only credentials to browse this information freely. The environment provides all the tools required for project management and collaborative work: a wiki, a blog, an issue tracker, a subversion repository, a roadmap section, a tag categorization system, etc.

The source code is available on a Subversion repository, see the SubversionAccess page to get help on how to access it.

The entire environment is searchable and provides RSS notifications. See the TracGuide and TracSupport pages for further assistance.