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Tobi Localization (the easy way)

To translate the Tobi user interface from English into your target language, the recommended method is to use a specialized editor that can handle the syntax of the language resource files ("*.resx" file extension). This makes it easy to discover missing non-translated strings, and to compare languages side-by-side.

There are several tools available, but here is a short list:

Resx Translator (opens source):

Zeta Resource Editor (open source):

Microsoft Visual Studio (full IDE, therefore a heavyweight alternative compared to the more focused apps above):

Important note: generally-speaking, it is strongly recommended to use an anti-virus tool to verify that the downloaded executable files are safe to use, especially when coming from unknown / untrusted sources. The online "virustotal" service is free to use:

Here's how to proceed:

Step 1) Create a folder within which you are going to download all the language resource files.

Step 2) Download each of the following English files (be careful not to miss any):

Step 3) Download each of the following French files (only if you wish to see or edit this language):

Step 4) Download each of the following Spanish files (only if you wish to see or edit this language):

Step 5) If you wish to create a new language, please copy the original English *.resx files (listed in step 2), and edit the resource strings directly in the copies. Advanced users can also rename each file to add the language code, for example for Russian "Tobi_Lang.resx" becomes "" (note the added ".ru" just before the extension).

Step 6) Use your favourite software tool to edit the language strings.

Step 7) Once you are done, zip the folder that contains the *.resx files, and send the ZIP file to the Tobi development team (as an email attachment).

Tobi Localization (the hard way)

To translate Tobi from English to your target language, you need to edit resource files using a text editor. Special note for Windows users: we recommend a better alternative to Notepad or Wordpad, called "Notepad++" ( ), which is free and open-source. The resource files to download are listed in the section below. Each file has a ".resx" extension, which you might not be able to actually see in your file browser / explorer, if file extensions are hidden by default. So just make sure to download the files to a directory where you can find them (e.g. create a subfolder in your default download directory). Additionally, files with the ".resx" extension are usually not recognised as text files by default (e.g. when double-clicking on the file icon in the file explorer), so you may need to use the "open with..." command from the menu of your file explorer, or to manually drag and drop the files into the text editor window.

Once an individual ".resx" file is open in your text editor, you can scroll down to the first <data/> element (ignore the first part of the XML content). It should look like that:

<data name="Exit" xml:space="preserve">

All that needs to be changed is the contents of the <value> XML element. For example, "E_xit" becomes "_Quitter" in French.

Note that the underscore '_' character denotes a keyboard "accelerator" or "mnemonic", which helps keyboard users to jump directly to menu items in the application. Don't worry, not all language strings to translate have the underscore character, only the labels that appear in menu items. The underscore character needs to be placed in front of the most suitable keyboard shortcut key, and this depends on your target language.

First-Time Translation

If it is the first time that you are translating Tobi's language resource files, you need to download all the files listed below. Remember to write down the revision number 1951 somewhere safe, as this will be the only way to track changes, so that next time there is a change in Tobi's source English strings, you (or someone else) can easily update your translation.

Update Already-Translated Language Files

If you have already made a translation of Tobi's language resource files, some English strings might have changed since you initially contributed your translation. To update the translation, use the revision number you wrote down last time you translated the files, and see what content has changed since by using the links below (which will take you to a comparison tool):